A Tale of Two Mochas

I have drank a lot of mocha but the best so far has been the one that
Peet’s coffee makes. Their barista told me this morning that they
import the cocoa and mix it themselves. The recipe is 1 part cocoa, 1
part sugar and 1 part water so that it isn’t too sweet. He thought
they imported it from Central America, but he said it definitely
wasn’t a domestic brand of cocoa. Runner-up for a great mocha is the
caffe moka from the
on Telegraph Ave in Berkeley. Both of these have a strong
chocolate taste and the roast of coffee doesn’t require sugar to cover
up a bitter or burned taste, although whipped cream always helps.

1 tablespoon cocoa, 1 tablespoon sugar and about 1/2 cup milk makes a good mixture.

I’ve used Droste cocoa from Holland with good results.

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