blogging trends

Most weblogs are rehashes and little-value-added commentary about
current news. Current doesn’t mean wordworthy, relevant or useful to
others. If you look at the value added by most commentary, it’s very

The same can be said of news sites. Newswire articles and business
releases (source material) get replicated and rehashed over many
different sites with no value added.

I prefer reading source sites or ones that provide a useful (to me) filtering function. So, where is the utility? Consider the depiction:

What can you do to provide more relevant information to a passer-by?

  • Maintain a theme and if not, at least categorize everthing. Random is as random does.
  • Post information in the briefest form as possible. Most people don’t care about what you were eating when you wrote your posting.
  • Think twice before posting. Don’t rehash single bits of other information unless you’re adding significant insight. Remember, if your reader has never read slashdot, salon, cnn, the new york times or the economist before, they probably will after you’ve referred to it once. Sending the same info their way just adds noise to your channel.

Added Jan 8, 2005:

Check this commentary out:

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