Experiences with HP 4110 all-in-one 1

Needing a fax, I picked up a fax/scanner/copier unit with no
research at all, just banking on HP’s reputation. It works well as a
send or receive fax, but the auto-feeding makes me nervous. I keep
thinking it is going to grab two sheets at once. Also, as I find out,
the cost per page is something like 9 cents due to the inkjet
cartridge cost. Black and colors are separately replaceable, but ink
does cost.

Also, the PC scanner software doesn’t seem to deal with the
auto-feed correctly, or perhaps that is because I was using lighter
weight sheets cut out of a magazine. The PC scanner software would
also crash every so often.

Another person’s experiences with HP 4110

As a printer, the HP 4110 seems less reliable or durable than other
models. The paper feeding mechanism sounds like the printer is eating
itself alive. In addition, trying to print a one page document using
inkjet weight paper, the paper misfed or fed slightly diagonally about
4 out of 5 times. I.e. I had to reprint about 5 times to get an
acceptable output. I would not recommend this as a printer to anyone.
Likely the fax aspect of the printer would suffer from similar paper
misfeed, so I wouldn’t recommend as a fax for receiving faxes.

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  • dave


    thats not to mention it wont evenfax properly to another new hp machine and many others.