“Great” ideas from BART

free bart on spare the air mornings is a good intention.

Providing more parking is a better idea. Here is the reasoning why:

  • bart parking lots are usually full before 10am.
  • most people taking advantage of spare the air day deal are driving in.
  • every car that can’t park goes back onto the road to get to work.

That means every extra driver added by a free bart incentive displaces an existing user of BART. There is no net reduction in cars on the road, only a displacement of some existing riders.

Milbrae/San Bruno to San Francisco ridership is 40% below the “goal”. They charge $2/day for parking at San Bruno and now at Colma. That has something to do with it.

According to the Transportation and Land Use Coalition (TALC) BART summary, BART parking costs $1/day and they recommend charging for parking rather than increasing fares or reducing services.

Well, BART has both increased fares and has reduced services. Remember there used to be restrooms in san francisco, berkeley, and oakland? Now there aren’t. The first reason, “due to orange alert level”. When the security alert was reduced to “yellow”, then the reason was due to “heightened security level”. Now there is no reason at all. Bathrooms are just closed regardless.

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