How to get rid of ants… 43

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I’ve been having ant problems. It must be that time of the year. It
definitely is not because of food lying around in the open — they
literally crawl out of the woodwork in the bathroom as well as the
kitchen. The Raid Ant Baits, contrary to popular ePinion, did not work well for me.
The ants did not feed off the chemical traps even though they were
placed near the trails.

The Combat Quick Kill formula attracts ants more effectively. Ants were
going into the feed containers within a few minutes of placing them.
The Combat brand uses a different chemical than the Raid bait, so that
might be the reason why. Although the package recommends using all
the traps, I use just one at a time and wrap up the rest tightly in

Equal also seemed to work — there were little nibbles bitten out of
the pile of equal — but I’m not quite sure if the ants died or if
they just went elsewhere. They weren’t eating it up though. They
seemed to dislike it at first.

Folks have pretty
good experience using Equal as ant poison
though, and best of all,
it’s free if you eat at International House of Pancakes.

Updated 2004-12-14:
Best ant killing formula is also a somewhat toxic one, but one to consider as a last resort. I have found the Raid spray containing permethrin to be effective. The best way is to find where the ants are entering and exiting the area and spray at that entrance point to create a toxic barrier. Then either spray and kill the remaining ants or wipe them up with a towel. Spray low, don’t breathe. If you spray inside the house, keep the window open for a while. If you can smell it, the active ingredients must besomewhere in the air too…

Update 10/19/2007: How to get rid of ants – part 2

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    you know it takes some gall for the MothMaster(tm)
    to give insect eradication advice.

    nice touch with the “it defeinitely wasn’t food lying around”.

                   --partha "mealy worm victim " banerjee
  • paradix

    Yea, I have the same thing about ants, they are everywhere in my apartment and I dont know what to do, first I vacumed them lol, but the god damn critters still dont give up. I found the ants in the morning, but the day before in the evening I didnt see even one ant, how did they manage to take over the apartmen in 1 night. If you have any good suggestions on getting rid of em then please send me to my E-mail

  • anisa

    I can not get rid of some big black ants, and the small red and black ants come into my house and I can not get ride of them with any thing I use. for the red and black ants I have used amonia strate on them and they do not leave the house. The big black ants seam to never leave when I use all of that store bought ant stuff outside, It does not work.”HELP!” anyone give me some more ideas to get rid of these pests.I guess I could start setting them on fire.

  • jess

    We have tried:salt;borax;ammonia;bleach;Two professional exterminators(the third told us there wasn’t much he could do about ants);we tried terro ant killer, raid spray and bombing the whole house… each time it worked for anywhere from a few hours to almost 2 weeks with a professional exterminator, I think there is a queen ant the size of a small elephant living somewhere under our house, they are in all three bedrooms, both bathrooms(there is nothing to even eat in there) the kitchen, living room, and garage, its starting to really freak me out like a bad episode of the twilight zone… someone please help…oh yeah the chalk line thing doesnt work either.

  • Case Larsen

    if it’s a queen ant producing the infestation, you need to use a slow acting poison that allows the ant to carry it back to the nest before it dies. borax and sprays may be too fast acting, especially if they kill worker/scout ants on the spot.

  • Sanko

    I posted the last 3 messages and I REALY NEED HELP with this ant problem…

  • Sanko

    Well I can say this to anyone wanting help with ants… Give up and just move since it’s impossible to help the ant problem… Cya…

  • Daisy

    I have ants everywhere too and I have a 2year old daughter and 2 dogs. I just wanted everyone on this site to know about the baby powder solution. I read on another site to use baby powder where they enter and exit and not to leave any space and they will not cross the line. I just put it out and it seems to be working for now and other people swear by it. So maybe its worth a try to you all too.

  • Case Larsen

    An ant exhibit at the California Academy of Sciences suggests a solution of vinegar and water to “discourage” the ants. I’d guess that it’s a dilute solution – just enough acid to disturb the ants.

  • Catey

    The ants go marching 100,000,000 by 100,000,000 oh dam oh dam……
    Tell me why is it freaking WINTER in CANADA and i have about 2 billion ants in my house. I have traps out, i dont think that they are working they are big icky black ants and they are tricky they seem to go away, then the next day they are out in force again. how on earth can i figure out where they are coming from and kill the nest!!! PLEASE tell me how to find the nest cuz this is sooo out of control!

  • amy in ky

    i have small little black aunts everywhere..they get into everything including my jar of honey i have sprayed and used treatments but nothing is working….i am so sick of aunts i just bought this home in october and its been a night mare…..HELP!!!!!

  • Sarcat

    Well, maybe you should tell your small little black uncles to keep their small little black aunts at THEIR homes where they belong!! Well, look on the bright side; it’s not a day stallion.

    All joking aside, I too have ants. Mine are picky. They eat the little tiny crumbs of food left on the floor, but won’t touch the COMBAT quick kill formula ant baits. I just tried taping the base of them to the floor so the ants won’t have such a hard time climbing up the ledge. Oh well. Might try RAID next.

  • Werenfried

    build hotels for ants and send them on a journey!


    \ /
    \ / .- Who Me?
    .-./ .’
    (o\^/o) _ _ _ __
    ./ .\ ( )-( )-( ) .-’ ‘-.
    {-} (// || \/ ( )) ‘-.
    //-_||_.-. .-’
    (/ () )’-._.-’
    || || \
    (’ (’ ‘)

  • Melanie

    I am so excited to share how I got rid of my black ants. I had the worst infestation I have ever seen. They were everywhere!!! I bought the Grant’s Ant Stakes which are like the ant traps for indoors but they go outside. Anyway, a box of 10 was 5 dollars and in 3 days my ants were gone. The cheapest and easiest solution I could have ever imagined.

  • Katie

    Someone out there has to know how to truely get rid of these vile little creatures fast.

    The Ants attacked during the day while I was at work. I came home to both cats sitting on the kitchen counter watching the ants crawl all over the living room floor. They did not attack the kitchen were one would assume they would go for food. Oh no, just the rest of the freaking house.

    They say you have to have some type of food source for them to come into your home. Apparently they can smell it. But my friends call me Monica for a reason, there is not a speck of anything that could be a food source left out. So frankly it does not matter how clean your house is if they decide they are going to attack.

    As we had an ant problem when we first moved in six months ago, I luckly had some bait traps left to put out for them. I have also used the Grant’s Ant Stakes, that Melanie spoke of, for outside use. Frankly I am not sure if they work or not. But the Raid Double Control Ant Baits for inside use do seem to work. But they take a couple of days as they have to carry enough of the yummy food back to the nest for them all to die die die.

    I sugguest putting the bait near their entry point. You find this by following there little trail. You will usually find a line of them coming from the entry point. You then have to kill the little line of ants and clean up the area. They leave some kind of chemical behind when they walk so the others can follow them. (wow I did learn something in school) If you clean up the trail away from the entry they do not know where to go and are more likely to find the bait and take it back.

    But be assured the next day, they will be all over your house again. As I said it takes a couple of days for the stuff to kill all of them. This is the bad part. If you want a quick kill and don’t have ant spray of some sort, 409 cleaner works like a charm. The off bug spray also works. One quick spray of either and they are dead. But a few good stomps usually work as well. One always feels better after killing the gross little things. But remember, you can’t kill the ones at the bait trap no matter how much you want to or they won’t take the food back to their queen, you can only kill the others that did not fall for the bait trap and are roaming throughout your house.

    If anyone knows of a faster way to KILL THEM ALL, please share as my A personality type does not work well with the couple of day plan I have used in the past. It is taking all my self control not to kill the ones near the bait trap as well.

  • http://none seven

    ok after reading all of your ant problems and thinking about mine. I found a link to a page that a decent explanation. Its called a three prong approach.. follow it. its a long read but very educational.

    also this one for natural (homemade) products instead of heavy poisons..

  • http://none seven

    Remeber ants need water to.

  • seven

    ok my story goes as follows. after reading the article about the three prong approach. this is what happend.. i just bought a house and noticed in the back the patio was covered in ants and ant trails. im talking them ants were working over time on this house. i couldent beleave it. so what i did was. I had my wife set up inside bombs from combat it was the deap reaching no mess fog, while i was outside createing a toxic barrier( it was a pump spray fast acting poison i cant remember the name of the product since my new naber gave it to me). then after i asstablished a barrier i put Grant’s Ant Stakes out 20 of them all around the patio and through out the yard. man they took to them bates like they was a kid at the circus eating cotton candy( and ive never ever ever seen a bate trap work like this i highley recomend Grant’s Ant Stakes). after that i took some granuales (dont know the name of that product eaither). its basicly ant food that is slow acting poison that the workers take back to there queen as the Grant’s Ant Stakes do i put this all over the patio and the yard. im going to leave it all for a week . next week end im going back over to air the inside out . and re apply the toxic barrier and reapply the granuales in the yard. if this dont work i quit and im just going to live with the ants and have them take over my life. ill be the super ant man. those who saw the movie willard will know what im saying.
    (sorry for the misspells but who cares im not spell checking this).

  • seven

    Its been a week and i went back to air the place out lastnight.
    i looked on the back paito and i saw no ants. Actually i saw slugs. Which means no ants. Because the ants would eat the slugs i would think, so thats good i would rather have slugs then ants. inside the walls and even celelings were covered in dead ants. although it was raining a bit im going back today to make sure.
    insight- as long as you take the full 3 prong approch you should be fine.

  • andromedabowdown@

    smoke em out!

  • Amina

    I dont know what to do with those filthy things… I think I might just have to adopt them as one of my kids!!

  • http://igotit pedro

    something that is called Andro worked for me. really works. i had thousands big red or black ants. bite like crazy too. And Andro is a black and white plastic square jar. got it at an agricultural store.

  • http://igotit pedro

    that Andro product killed the queen also. takes a couple of days but it worked for me. we had so many of them things that we had to sleep on the sofa many times. they will crawl into our bed at night, ex. many times at 3:30am will had to run out of bed. it was like a nightmare. bite like crazy. many bites could kill you. i dont know what they are called but they were big red or black ants. now we live and sleep in peace.

  • http://igotit pedro

    sorry, sorry, sorry, THE NAME OF THE PRODUCT IS AMDRO.


  • Mark

    I like to think of ants as tiny little garbage collectors. Who cares if they’re around, they aren’t disease vectors and as long as you keep good sanitary habits the population never seems to spike (this is my experience anyway).


    Help, I have black ants. I also, have parrots and can,t spray or use poison. Thanks, bird

  • Aa

    Try baking soda or bicarbinate powder mixed with sugar. When they eat it they get gas which they are unable to expel. And it works. It will take a few days so that the queen and other ants in the nest get it.

  • kittfour

    I have those big black ants too…I just painted my kitchen and I need a wallpaper border….so I will put a track of honey around the area where the border should go and I will have a moving border…good conversation piece. Bon Apetite’ !!!

  • Kizzy2227

    I think this is the funniest site ever. I typed in my search bar.. “How to get rid of ants” and it lead me here. After reading through the messages from all the different people on here , I not only found new things to try to rid my home of ants but also had a good laugh, especially about the aunts and uncles thing. I’ll let you all know what worked for me!!!

  • Me

    Man.. i’ve tried so much… but i’ll keep checking back here… providing the ants dont carry the puter to there house!

  • phatboyslim2006

    [markup=]hey, we have a problem with the little black ants, thousands of em. they are centrally located in the kitchen, we have tried terro ant killer, the raid ant baits, and we were told about a boric acid and sugar mix that mix they loved to death but didnt die. ergg we even broke down and got sunbeam ant repelers some sound thing. now we are starting to see the big black ants, those were seen in a bedroom. any advice.
    oh and we keep this place spotless but still see alot of em

  • vixx

    [markup=]i also had a good laugh about the (aunts)… well i also have a problem with ants .. i bought the double action raid baits but i don’t see them going inside .. i guess i have to wait and see what happens.. my husband used the granules outside and it seemed to work.. hopefully i can get rid of the little rascals in my bathroom.. i hate them… they get inside my sponge and now they don’t let me take a shower.. well i do but i have to fight w/ them first… intruders. hate them grrrrrrr
    good look guys .. let us know if u find a solution

  • vixx

    [markup=]by the way my ants are really small and red… for every 10 really small red ants there is a large red ant

  • newgramma

    [markup=]I have the tiniest little black ants that I’ve ever seen. They are in the kitchen and bathrooms and just within the past few days on my computer screen and keyboard!!! That’s it – now it means war!!! I never see many at one time – just a few. I keep my place imaculate and we have sprayed with Rid-A-Bug which seems to control them but they still seem to send our “scouts” a few days after spraying and just a couple at a time. I have been told by an exterminator to use borax. He said to put it right into the electrical outlets ( take the plate off first ) and set it in the receptacle. DO NOT PUT IT INTO THE HOLES WHERE THE ELECTRICITY IS ) Also put the borax anywhere else that you see them ( baseboards etc. ). I’m going to get some today and I’ll let you know the result. The exterminator says that if you tick them off enough they will go elsewhere!!

  • http://n/a joe lue

    [markup=]Have found ants all over the kitchen in a clean and tidy home. We tried baking soda mixed with sugar.
    Next thing we’ll try is borax around the entry holes. They seem to be coming in from the baseboards and moulding coming up from the basement.
    I enjoyed reading the answers posted and will update all.
    Montreal, Canada.


    [markup=]HELP! HELP!
    i also have big black ants and it is winter in IL ok ok it’s spring anyway i have hap ants all year i have tryed everything and nothing happens they are in my living room what can i do there is no food and and my house is so clean you can eat off the floor will maybe not eat(smile) I have Never not been able to get rid of them I am despert my greatgran is coming and she is only 6 months and you know babys everything goes into the mouth
    thank you
    Country Club Hills Il

  • http://dailymovement Lucy

    [markup=]Well, a new tenant just moved into the apartment and she’s been visited with black ants (no uncles)…we will try one of everything above and let you know how it goes.

    The comment about the basement was good as we have an old chimney that goes right up to her 2nd floor apartment but I am not seeing any in the first floor apartment because the chimney has been covered up and over for years I think and hers has only thin paneling around hers up there. We will see how your solutions help and let you know.

    Lucy in Wisconsin (must be Spring!)

  • ramona chicane

    [markup=]i just moved into a townhouse with my 3 little ones, funny you dont see those black ants until something is dropped from the table, they are there getting it before you reach down to get the food, i call them army ants because they are too tuff to kill , lol, i am trying every thing i have read on these replys forms , if there is something else out there , i would like to know about it , ramona in idaho

  • Will.

    [markup=]Hey i have had little black ants i think suger ants or something around my house for months and never bothered me that bad. Lately though i been notcing them alot in lines going across my walls in the kitchen, in and around my microwave (Which is gross.. ants.. yum) and in my bathroom also. what ive read up on so far is that just spraying them wont work and ive heard the three prong approach is effective. I want to hear from people who have used that approach and how it worked for them? And roughly how much it costed.

    Thanks :)

  • Cathy Stouffer

    [markup=]I am going nuts trying to rid my clean kitchen of the tiny black ants, I’ve tried corn meal, borax, and several kinds of sprays for ants. And they live on! I just saw an ad for a “Bell & Howell Pest repeller XLM” in the Harriet Carter sales book. It states it keeps not only ants and roaches out but also mice. I don’t mind paying the $20.00 if it works, has anyone ever tried it???? Please contact me at if you have.

  • anntieann

    [markup=]I have previously won the battle of ants several years in a row with the Terro liquid ant bait. They supposedly take it back to the nest. I have gone through 2 bottles & 2 packs of Grant’s ant stakes. The old metal design used to work wonders but now that they’ve changed to plastic it doesn’t seem to work so good. I think my ants are immune. Maybe this year they came out with a vaccination. I’ve also tried Bug Stop, but that doesn’t stop those pesky things. I did find that it works really well for the spider population though. Anyway, I will keep checking back. Don’t know what I can try next. It’s like they know I’m paranoid. I have both big black ants & really tiny tiny black ants. My son told me they bit him. But I have never been bitten. More of a nuisance really. Thanks for all of the helpful tips.

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  • Charlene

    If you know where their entry points are, try getting some clear duct tape and taping over the crevice/cracks where they’re coming in. Make sure the tape is absolutely snug because they’ll find a way to get in if there’s the tiniest gap. I’ve tried this and it works remarkably well! In fact, at the moment, my entire kitchen windowsill is covered in clear duct tape, but at least it’s keeping the ants out! Also, spraying counter tops with white vinegar is also helpful.