plentiful is not necesarily pleasurable

Keitai Picture

This totally describe my situation and can be related to more than just music or digital photos:

I’m finding that the “digital photo effect” is starting to make its way into my music and video experiences as well. What’s the DPE? My ability to produce and acquire has far outstripped my ability to consume. Produce from my own digital camera. Acquire from friends, family, Flickr, etc. This has a couple of ramifications:

  1. I feel behind all the time.
  2. Because there is so much to consume, I don’t enjoy each individual photo as much as I did when they were physical prints. I click through fast.
  3. Because of 1 and 2, sometimes I don’t even bother.

“Too much of a good thing?”

If you pay little or nothing, you value what you have that much, i.e. not much.

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