The price of style

My cousin says the new ‘in style’ seen in rap videos is to leave the
price tags on things, e.g. your clothes, your car. This is similar
to the gold teeth, gold jewelry style. He says that black folks leave the blue plastic metal
protector on their Air Jordan shoes. Some examples on the web:

Girl with price tag hanging out of her shirt:


“i see these white kids strutting around with a flat-brimmed NY hat over their bandana, “new era” sizing sticker still attached with price tag…”

No, no you have it all wrong now…

The window stickers, they are the new mods…it goes to show how BLING BLANG you are…you stick all the invoices and receipts to your windows…and the higher the total, the more noggin you get…

obviously you haven’t heard that track by Big Tymers – “Get Your Roll On” 😀

lyrics go as follows….:
Don’t worry about yo b1t Leavin stickers on the Bentley to show the price
Arm out the windows Just to floss my ice” 😀

So it’s true….gotta have the reciepits/stickers on if you wanna be straight ballin 😀

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