Domino’s misguided policies

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As someone who has not had a landline phone number since 1997 (more than 7 years), the thought of someone refusing to do business with me because of this is offensive. The fact that this corporate policy has persisted for almost two years with little desire to respond to customer demand is amazing. I have contacted Domino’s customer service and am waiting for an ‘official response’.

Domino’s pizza corporate policy is that it “doesn’t accept orders from cell phones” because drivers have “gotten beaten up when delivering orders placed by cell phones”. They require you to provide a telephone number that looks like a landline phone number. However, during a recent phone call, they will accept any old phone number, even one for a city 40 miles away, so the corporate policy isn’t acheiving its intended goal anyway.

For instance, you could pick any phone number from the telephone book and still place an order from your cell phone if you turn caller id blocking on.

Lastly, they asked for a cell phone I could be reached at in case the driver got lost and needed directions. How ironic?

Now earlier news reports say that cell phone users are ignored because the recipients don’t answer and so the pizza can’t be delivered and costs Domino’s money. Apparently, it’s not just Dominos pizza who have adopted anti-cellphone policies.

This Domino’s I ordered from apparently wasn’t part of the ones that tried accepting cellphones more graciously, or the ones that required a security form to be filled out first to make future orders easier.

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