Getting lit up again

Jeffrey Phillips writes in Thinking Faster: Getting Unstuck of a few ways to get started again after you’ve accomplished a lot and are unmotivated to start again.

The same thing happens to me and i’ve likened it to a mini-burnout. Every few weeks after making some good progress, I just don’t want to do the next step. The most angst about being unmotivated is when I know what the next step is, I know what needs to be done, and I just don’t want to do it, but I feel that I need to do it. That’s an internal tension that persists.

Sometimes it clears by playing a mini-hookey going a walk and change of environment to get coffee, for instance. Sometimes it requires me to pass the baton to someone else telling them, “I’m burned, can you work on this for me?” Sometimes it requires a manager to tell me that it’s urgent to get the next step done which motivates by adrenaline.

There are no easy or sure fixes for me. I just have to patiently wait the period out.

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