search engine spam

I think the tipping point has been reached today. The web has been successfully spammed. — google returns 90% or more useless information when searching.

I’m trying to find a keyboard tray that can be attached to a glass table top — i.e. not using screws. I was able to find one by Fellowes, but most of the rest of google results were just spam, i.e. product listings from commerce sites.

To end on a positive note, social tagging, such as has a high signal to noise ratio, but it doesn’t have everything under the sun. This is where it’s at.

Addendum 2005-Jul-20:

I wound up purchasing a swing arm keyboard tray from Amazon, but it is really meant to be drilled into the under-the-desk surface. If mounted on glass surface with the double-sided tape, it eventually slides off due to the torquing of the keyboard. I wound up drilling holes in the metal side supports of the glass table, so i was able to use it after all.

Takeaway advice from this is it is more practical to have a wooden desktop.

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