Comparison of social bookmarking sites 1

These are current thoughts and comparisons of various social/URL
networking sites.

Since 5/2002 10/2003 1/2004
alexa rank as of 7/19/2005 5,246 [1] 8,827 [2] 11,392 [3]
start of rapid adoption 11/2004 9/2004 1/2005
public links Y Y Y
private links N Y Y
archived content N Y only by original user via or google, maybe native
multiple versions of archived content n/a N Y
unstructured categorization/tagging Y N Y
RSS feeds of categories Y Y  
open source N N N
automatic sync     to and from
sovereignty US US Iceland

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  • social bookmarking sites

    Thanks for sharing this analysis. I found another good resource on social bookmarking sites here:

    It includes lots of sites, including some of the newer ones like blinklist. It also points to some other good reviews of other sites.