Free coffee 1

So you say there’s no such thing as a free coffee? Here’s such a thing:

  From:   Harkins, Jr., Robert M.
  To:     address removed to protect the innocent
  Subject:        Invitation - Grand Opening of Coffee to the People

My family is opening a new coffeehouse called Coffee to the People at
1206 Masonic Ave (& Haight St.) in the Haight-Ashbury. The grand
opening runs July 23 – July 31. You are invited. This e-mail serves as
a coupon for one free 12 oz. coffee. Just print it out and bring it to
the celebration.

We are trying to get the word out around town, so please feel free to
forward this message to whomever you think might be interested. The
coupon is good for anyone who brings it in. We’re prepared to give away
a lot of free coffee, so don’t worry about distributing it too
liberally. Thanks.

More about the coffeehouse: Coffee to the People is bringing power to
the people through coffee, serving only the highest quality organic
coffees and teas. All of the coffee is fair trade certified, and a
portion of the profits go to charities benefiting the environment and
social and economic equality. The coffeehouse has free wireless
Internet access, its own living room, and a library of interesting books
to peruse.

(About this e-mail as a coupon: Offer expires 7/31/05. Limit one per
person. Not good with any other offer.)

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  • oshare

    Hi. I love this coffee shop. The espresso really does taste different and better than other places. I also really like the decor. It’s inspiring but not too overly preachy. I’m wicked stoked to live near by.