12 is the new 43?

Along the lines of simplifying processes, such as “using one big file”, why use 43 folders if most of your work is done in non-paper (electronic) form? It makes you look at an empty folder almost every day, except on the two or three days a month when a bill is due and a check needs to be written, for example.

Why not just 12 folders, one for each month of the year? Bills and things that have to be checked sometime roughly in that month (like a rebate receipt or a health care reimbursement that should have completed) rather than on a particular exact day are dropped in the folder for that month.

Folder is checked periodically (say each Monday).

The amount in folder should be small anyway since we’re doing most of our work electronically, right? So it’s low effort to scan through entire month worth of stuff each time.

Now, don’t you all go registering 12folders.com at once now…

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