Terabyte store update

Update to Personal terabyte store.

lvm2 is very simply configured:

  • one physical volume group vga which is /dev/sda1, the entire RAID array
  • one logical volume va which is sized to be entire physical volume vga
  • ext3 filesystem with dir_index option on the vga logical volume
  • no concatenations or stripes or mirrors, etc.

We didn’t quite get 1TB, but close to 1TiB (trillion, not tera) due to fact that 250GB drives are really 250GiB drives.

Looking into how lvm2 handles the physical device expansion (due toexpanding the RAID with OCE), there is a way to expand the physical volume group, but it’s not as clean as I would have hoped.

The supported way to expand the PV group is actually to create a new partition on the expanded device, and then add that partition to the PV group. Then you can expand the logical volume with lvresize, and finally expand the filesystem with resize2fs.

After bringing system up, we see reasonable performance, as would be expected for a non PCIX attached device. 150MB/sec Bursts of write activity every 5 seconds due to buffer flush activity. 300MBit/sec writes via NFS.

I am now consolidating storage so I can sell off my PATA drives (and buy more SATA for the RAID(!!))

Possibly to be added:

  • temperature monitor for fan control – maybe $100
  • 35.25 to 53.5 hot swap internal enclosure – maybe $120.

Other folks doing the same thing:

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