Treo goes to WinCE and hopefully rest of Palm does too…

regarding Windows-based Treo coming, this kind of pisses me off cause i just spent $ on a now obsolete platform, but then again, wince made economic sense back in 1998/1999 since who wants to learn another API once you’ve invested in windows. WinCE just wasn’t ready back then which is why I was a palm loyalist even though I asserted that WinCE would win. It’s funny that PalmOne and PalmSource went through so much spin-off, buy-back, spin-off, until now. 3com must have made out well avoiding all that hassle and just getting the money from the spin off.

I did wind up trying to write some cellphone aware code for the Treo 650, but the cobalt environment they were pushing didn’t exist on the Treo 650 and the Treo 600 cell support in garnet wasn’t on the Treo 650 either, so I wound up having to get the Treo specific SDK for garnet which had a lot of handspring headers. And then when I did finally build against these headers and run on the actual hardware (not an emulator — which doesn’t exist for the Treo 650 anyway, only cobalt), it wouldn’t even open up the phone library correctly.

Such a waste.

and looking at the e-mail traffic on the palm dev forumsbluetooth [RSS], emulator [RSS], palm-dev [RSS]these folks are just hating life on bluetooth, on the emulator, and i’d guess pretty much everything else Treo.

I’m glad they’ve made this first step. I’ll probably make my first step too soon which will be to get a WinCE based Treo once they figure out which cellular provider they’re going to cut the sweet deal with.

But once I’ve been forced to think about a WinCE phone device, I may as well shop the whole market to see if there’s anything better than the Palm… watch out.

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