Hutch’s Auto Wash in Hayward 5

Brushless wash and hand dry is a common find nowdays. However finding a good one that doesn’t jack up its prices is still tough.

After fremont autopia raised its prices — just after deciding to remodel their waiting area with marble tile — i decided to look for an autowash that concentrated on car wash rather than the “gloss.”

Hutch’s has been around for more than 30 years and has a couple other locations in the bay area. They have a special where you can get your oil changed and $16 off one of their more expensive car washes (or a free $16 car wash).

The owner of the indoor cafe has owned it for about 10 years.

I like businesses that are family owned, “traditional business values”, and local. Their workers really put in the effort too. This woman was steam cleaning a floor mat — she’s on her hands and knees scrubbing away.

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  • http://null

    Hutch’s car was DOES have problems.
    I took my truck in for detailing and they ruined it. Now I cannot drive in my truck without the windows down. The stench from the solutions they used is over powering. They took it back to try and fix the problem, but three days later and my truck still smells terribly. I would be VERY careful of their detailing shop. I’m going to hae to try and get the interior steam cleaned somewhere else, to fix their mistake.

    Never again customer

  • Dman

    I had a problem yesterday with the person who puched the gas in my vehicle and at the same time forced it in drive and almost lost controll out of the main wash area.
    Then too top it off he jumped into a Lexus and continued to turn the key as if he did not know the engine was started ..
    I addressed the man who did not understand me.
    Then I addressed the manager who had a few choice words for me and my family as we waited for our vehicle which was poorly cleaned on the inside….
    I left a message with the owner KURT out of A Street station.

  • hutchs IS weak

    you guys should go to mike andrades auto detailingthey make your car look so great its not even funny(510) 259-1262

  • John

    I took My truck in to have it detailed, when I dropped it off I asked them not to touch anything behind the back seat because I had my amp and wires set up the way I wanted. When I got home my station was on some damn mexican station and my wires were connected differently and my amp was smoking!!!

  • baoreilly

    Went to Hutch’s Car Wash today at 12:00 noon on 06/21/06. I wish they had an email address where I can write to them, I will send off the service postcard provided. I paid $22.00 for the superwash. They did a terrible job. Did not wipe down the dash or panel let alone use any Armor-all inside. The only inside window they cleaned was the windsheild. They might have spent 6 minutes tops on cleaning my car. Most of the time there was spent waiting for someone to actually start cleaning the car but they cleaned all the SUV’s first, must be a weird policy. I gave them a $3.00 tip without even looking at the car. This was my 2nd time there and I will never go back. For now on I will drive to Dublin and get what I pay for which is actually much less. $16.99 for an excellent car wash every single time. For $22.00 you should at least get your dash and panels, gearshift wiped down a little bit which was not even touched with a dirty cloth.