Targus Mobile 70 Universal AC/DC adapter

“I endorse this product” –psb

I like products that eliminate one or more other products you have to carry around (cellphone+PDA being the exception since the combination is bulkier and less stylish than each taken separately). The ability for most electronic consumer devices built in the last 10 years to accept AC ranging from 100V to 240V, 50 or 60 cycle allows me to not worry about carrying around a power inverter when travelling overseas, and now this multiple input (AC or DC) and multiple output (various reasonably priced convertor tips) Targus APM14US power supply means I don’t need to carry around a bunch of transformers to charge each gadget in my bag.

The manual shows a interchangable tip and a second power connector for hooking up a cellphone charging cable (which I will soon be getting):

It also deals with car’s cigarette lighter, wall outlet, and the 12V outlet found in airplanes:

The tips included are tailored towards the apple powerbooks and the white coloring matches the Apple aesthetic, but I got a tip for my black windows laptop for about $9.

My only complaint right now is the AC power cable could be longer (only about 2.5 feet).

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