Digital Concepts Gear to Go DC141C 1.3MP minireview

Got it at radio shack.

Cheap $25 camera. Can also be used as a web cam on Windows at least — don’t know about Mac.

8MB of memory allows about 20 pictures at highest resolution.

video at 8 frames/sec can be taken. It’s noisier than the still photos and web cam though.

Lots of people rate this bad, but what should they really expect from a $25 camera? If you want clearer photos, get a disposable film camera for $10. This might be a good toy for young kids.

Shutter lag is 0.4 to 0.5 seconds, so keep that in mind if you’re photographing a moving subject.

To determine this, I photographed a web stopwatch and clicked the shutter when a new second started.

First picture was originally taken at 12801008, second picture was taken at 640480. There’s no difference in capture speed, so may as well use 12801008 most of the time unless memory is an issue.

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