switch to textdrive & switchtower & latest typo 2

Just a note to prime the trackback and pings.

I bought the lifetime textdrive hosting account plan some time ago and have yet to take advantage of it until recently.

In the switchover, I’ve also upgraded to the latest version of typo and am using svk to deal with making local changes to a public subversion trunk and also layering staging and production changes using subversion’s “branching” mechanism similar to how Scott Laird does it.

My own little take on it will be posted later…

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  • http://trypticon.org Trejkaz

    Out of curiosity, how are you getting around Typo keeping its binary files inside the public area? I think it can be worked around by subclassing some of the SwitchTower tasks so that public/files is symlinked into shared/files, but I’d rather find someone who already has Typo working under SwitchTower.

  • Case

    I have an after_deploy, and an after_cold_deploy task (both the same) which creates directories in a shared area if not already present and creates symlinks to them in public. I’ll post an example.