Sony warranties and repair service experiences 2

Shane Nickerson wrote over a year ago about his experience with Sony warranty service. Well, it hasn’t gotten any better as I have been struggling (patiently) with Sony’s outsourced repair service (Precision Camera Repair) for the last 8 weeks. They are doing the repair free of charge, but they just aren’t doing a good job of it. It is going back for repair for the third time in a row.

I have had two bad experiences in a row with Precision Camera Repair
in Enfield, CT.

My Sony DSC T9 LCD failed one day (actually 9 months after purchase)
and Sony sent me to them. After 4 weeks, the camera came back and
would not power up. It was also missing one of the plastic buttons on
the back. The repair order said that they had done a “general test,
check, clean and repair all functions and systems” among many other
tests. Is powering up the camera not one of the tests??

I called Sony and they sent me a prepaid UPS label to send the camera
back to Precision Camera Repair — at least I didn’t have to pay again
for shipping. Then another 4 weeks pass and the camera comes back.
The repair said that the power harness needed to be reattached, and
that they had done a “general test, check, clean, etc.” It powers up
this time. It appears to function ok. However after powering it off
and back on, the clock needs to be reset. In fact, the clock needs to
be reset every time it is powered off — the batteries are still in
the camera of course, so there’s something else wrong. Again.

I called Sony again, but Sony does not want to deal with this. They
refer me back to precision camera. I have sent it in for a third time.
It’s been out for repair 2 of the last 11 months. Soon the 1 year
warranty will run out.

Well, with Sony, when the product works well, it’s great. When it
fails, it’s awful. The same applies to the servicing.

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