beats per minute analysis for exercise music 1

My wife gave me a project of making a workout music mix for her new iPod Nano for her birthday.

First off, I’m using Mac OSX and iTunes, so keep in mind that a solution using Windows will involve different software, but maybe with same overall limitations.

I tried beaTunes 1.2.1 but found the BPM analysis wasn’t accurate for some songs.

Then I came across Potion Factory’s Tangerine listed on this page. I double checked the results with a free javascript manual-tapping-based BPM analyzer and they were accurate. Sometimes Tangerine picked a twice as fast BPM but I think unfortunately, the numbers will always need to be tweaked before they are used to put together a smooth playlist.

I’m still deciding what to do. I still haven’t shelled out any money for either of these programs yet.

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  • theorist

    I paid for Tangerine and I’m not too thrilled with it. Its accuracy really depends on the “beat intensity” which thankfully it calculates for you — songs with a beat intensity over 55 are pretty accurately BPMd but I’m finding major errors in many of the songs under 55 (which is well over half my 30k song library). I’m a DJ so inaccurate BPM information is worse than none at all. On the upside, it calculates this info really fast – I let it run overnight and it got most of the 30k songs I threw at it – but, again, what’s the point if it’s not accurate? Sigh…