Spiced hot chocolate reviews

I rate the hot chocolate based on two factors: sweetness and spice on a scale
of 1-5, 3 being the preferred value for me. E.g. a sweetness of 5 is more
sweet than i would like it, sweetness of 1 is more bitter, and 3 is just

Of course, both sweetness and spice are individual preferences, but I think
the relative comparisons are accurate. If you try one particular chocolate and
are looking for something spicier or less sweet, you’ll know how the other
chocolate drinks compare.

Coupa Cafe spiced hot chocolate — actually Spicy Maya produced by Chuao

  • Preparation: it varies.
  • sweetness: 4
  • spice: 3
  • tasting notes:

    over a number of different days, i’ve had the sweetness be
    slightly sweeter than desired (4) to very sweet (5) — think those
    carnation instant chocolate packets where you just add hot water. However
    even on the bad days, the spiciness rescues the chocolate for me.

Spice Hunter Winter Sippers Spiced Cioccolata

The Spice Hunter’s Winter Sippers Spiced Cioccolata

  • Preparation: 6 oz cold 2% milk, 3 tablespoons powder, heated to 140 degrees,
    reaching 160 degrees with residual heat, i.e. milk was not scalded in this experiment.
  • sweetness: 3
  • spice: 2
  • ingredients: sugar, cocoa processed with potassium carbonate, chocolate,
    corn starch, cinnamon, nutmeg, cardamom, allspice, red pepper
  • tasting notes:

    sweetness is right on for me. it degree of sweetness makes it
    more of a savory drink than as a dessert.


Starbuck’s Chantico

  • sweetness: 5
  • spice: 0
  • tasting notes:

    if i can remember back when, Chantico was only served in at
    most 6 ounce cups and it was so thick that you could only stand 6 ounces at
    a time. In its form back then, it was basically a 390 calorie melted candy
    bar. This drink had potential with tuning, but unfortunately it didn’t
    evolve enough to survive. I ordered the drink once, maybe twice at most
    and then moved on from that experience. Origins of word Chantico,
    and a home
    made recipe for Chantico
    if you want to re-experience one.

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