Review of Mocafe Azteca D’Oro 1519

Mocafe Mexican spiced chocolate, Azteca D’oro 1519

  • Preparation: 8 ounces 2% milk, one scoop powder, heated to 140 degrees,
    residual heat to 175 degrees.
  • Sweetness: 5
  • spiciness: 1
  • Ingredients: Pure Hawaiian cane sugar, Premium African Forestero cocoa, ground chocolate, spices, salt
  • Tasting notes:
    This was too sweet for me and not
    enough spice. If you look at the ingredients, the spices are not named
    specifically, so they aren’t that significant part of the mix. Overall I think
    my favorite is Chuao spicy maya followed by Winter Sipper’s. I tried mixing
    1/3 Dagoba (too spicy) with 2/3 Mocafe (too sweet) and the result is sweet and
    spicy — almost as good as Chuao, but not as rich tasting. On sweetness it ranks 3 for me and spiciness ranks 3. So now at least, I
    can use the last two chocolate mixes to produce something drinkable for me and
    not give up on them entirely.

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