Yearly Archives: 2010

chocolate tasting round 1

I bought a few 70%-85% dark chocolates at Draeger’s and decided to rank them. I used the blind tasting w/ mouth cleansing idea from Drew’s Taste of Chocolate, but don’t have statistically significant sampling (N=1) to say where each falls in general. However my personal tastes place each pretty consistently. I used two criteria: sweetness […]

GTD and me

This is the variant I currently follow: Kourosh Dini’s variation and I actually don’t have a flagged project or project view. I wind up in the ‘treading water’ view mostly except during the periodic reviews. I also combine this with “Inbox Zero” which in 4 words is: all email is either deleted, delegated, archived, or […]


It probably comes as a surprise to you that someone who bought and returned the first version of the Kindle on principle that DRM of book content was economically flawed is now intending to buy the latest Kindle DX. It comes as a surprise to me too. Review and more economic discussion (rationalization for dropping […]