chocolate tasting round 1

I bought a few 70%-85% dark chocolates at Draeger’s and decided to rank them. I used the blind tasting w/ mouth cleansing idea from Drew’s Taste of Chocolate, but don’t have statistically significant sampling (N=1) to say where each falls in general. However my personal tastes place each pretty consistently.

I used two criteria: sweetness (<0 is bitter, 0 is no sweetness, >0 is sweet), and chocolateness (<0 is bland, 0 is average, >0 is more distinct, e.g. smoky, earthy, etc.)

Chocolate #1: sweet: 0, chocolateness: 0.5
Chocolate #2: sweet: 0.5, chocolateness: 0.5
Chocolate #3: sweet: 0, chocolateness: 0.5
Chocolate #4: sweet: 0, chocolateness: 0.5
Chocolate #5: sweet: 1, chocolateness: 0
Chocolate #6: sweet: 0, chocolateness: -0.5

The “loser” of these would be #6 which is not sweet, nor chocolaty to my taste. So it’s basically dark colored caloric filler if I had to be mean about it. Amazon describes it as ultra refined (14 microns) with no aftertaste (or taste I would add). The “winner” for me is actually #2 or #3 or #4 depending on my desire for sweetness. The chocolateness is pronounced.

Unveiling the identities:

Chocolate #1: Michel Cluizel Grand Noir 85%

Chocolate #2: Cachet Extra Dark 70%

Chocolate #3: Dagoba new moon 74%

Chocolate #4: Droste Pastilles extra dark 75%

Chocolate #5: Amatiler extra fine dark 70%

Chocolate #6: Hachez Permier Cru 88%

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