Updated: terabyte store and backups

Update to Personal Terabyte Store

Around 2007, I had upgraded the box to use the Areca ARC1120 controller (quite a nice one at the time) and larger 1TB drives, then decommissioned the box around about 2009, moving the storage to a NAS (QNAP TurboNAS) with 1TB and 2TB drives. It was being used for network backups. I had been using SuperDuper to the NAS, but it was slow.

Then that box fell off a shelf around 2013, damaging one drive, but RAID was still intact. I recovered and moved the storage to a 4TB drive running inside a Mac Pro.

For backups, I then switched to use ARQ to Amazon Glacier on all Mac systems. The locally stored photos on the Mac Pro are backed up to Amazon via ARQ. The drives on Mac Pro are also locally backed up to another internal drive using SuperDuper. For the laptop, I use SuperDuper to a USB attached 1TB SATA drive.

I just don’t care to putz around with backups much any more. I try to keep the Mac Pro powered off as much as possible, only waking up to run SuperDuper.

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