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Updated: terabyte store and backups

Update to Personal Terabyte Store Around 2007, I had upgraded the box to use the Areca ARC1120 controller (quite a nice one at the time) and larger 1TB drives, then decommissioned the box around about 2009, moving the storage to a NAS (QNAP TurboNAS) with 1TB and 2TB drives. It was being used for network […]

chocolate tasting round 1

I bought a few 70%-85% dark chocolates at Draeger’s and decided to rank them. I used the blind tasting w/ mouth cleansing idea from Drew’s Taste of Chocolate, but don’t have statistically significant sampling (N=1) to say where each falls in general. However my personal tastes place each pretty consistently. I used two criteria: sweetness […]

GTD and me

This is the variant I currently follow: Kourosh Dini’s variation and I actually don’t have a flagged project or project view. I wind up in the ‘treading water’ view mostly except during the periodic reviews. I also combine this with “Inbox Zero” which in 4 words is: all email is either deleted, delegated, archived, or […]