Distributed Reviews

November 22, 2005

## Proposal ##
I propose a technorati-like service:

* content stays on users personal site
* extra, minor markup to make it easily indexable
* centralized search system w/ various ego ranking mechanisms to encourage participation

## motivation ##
* Want to keep review content on user’s own site. Let user retain ownership of their content and be able to monetize their own content rather than post to a review site and give up copyright ownership.
* Want to apply this to restaurant reviews, gas prices, product reviews, “micro review” content in general where you have maybe a paragraph of data which may not index well in a page ranked search engine.

## enhancements (and problems) ##
* some “tags” need to be exact identifiers, such as business address/name (e.g. lalime), product name (e.g gasoline, ipod nano), location (e.g. san francisco bay area).
* Problem: How can we converge on a correct identifier tag in its various spellings and possible abbreviations? How would a group feedback mechanism work? 43things goals have a feedback mechanism where users recommend one goal (effectively a complex tag) is similar or same as another, presented when a goal is seen.
* aggregation within the identifier tag, such as averaging of rating, distribution of prices, counting of # of entries (already done)
* schema built by group concensus (e.g. product name is important, price is important to many users, color, material, atmosphere, type of food)
* optional inclusion of targeted aggregated content (e.g. “also reviewed by” for a restaurant review, “group opinion” of a business, lowest price) alongside user’s content
## Implementation ##
* reviews are tagged, price information (such as lowest gas prices) are tagged
* for sophisticated users, local databaes info should be served up in crawlable form appearing as individual entries w/ tags.

## Motivation 2 ##
* Unlike flickr and other photosharing sites, want to keep image content on owners site.

## Enhancements 2 ##
* tag method could be applied for images too, like flickr.
* searched images could be returned in gallery format with thumbnails and actual images pointing to gallery on users site rather than being stored at aggregation site.
* Browse by user, or by tag, or by user+tag.
* User could link in other people’s photos into their own galleries(?), ie. “here’s my trip to Versailles and here’s some other people’s view of the Versailles palace.”

## Implementation 2 ##
* images are tagged

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